Demo/test version freezes + Info on large amounts of screens


I have made a demo with one component of my app, and used share to add it to my iphone home screen to test it, but the scroll feature on each page often freezes, so my whole screen freezes.

Aswell as this when I load onto each page, the videos I have added take a long time to load, and sometimes disappear.

I was wondering if this happens just because it is the demo version on my home screen, or if this will continue to happen when I upload it to the app store etc. And will this get worse as I add more screens (100+).

Aswell as this my app is going to have 700+ screens, so will Adalo be able to handle this much content, without lagginess and crashing, have they handled big apps like this before?

Any help would be appreciated,


IMO 700 screens is too many. I would look for ways to streamline and have more dynamic data.

Large datasets I would move to Xano as external collections.

Scrolling and taps on PWA and web can be over sensitive and large data sets will struggle especially on lower power devices even in native builds. It is part of the process to build a front end that can manage with these constraints.

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