Duplicate and share database of mobile and desktop apps

Hi there!

I have a problem that I don´t know to solve.

I have a food ordering app, that has a mobile version app for users, and a desktop version for admins. When I want to duplicate this application (both mobile and desktop version) for an interested client, I copy one of the two versions and create a new database.

Let´s say for example that I copy the mobile app and create a new database for the client, with his menu items and that. How can I do to copy my desktop version and share the new database? I know that you can create a new app and copy an actual database, but it´s only possible with a blank app. What I want is to copy the desktop version and copy the database of my new mobile app.

I don´t know if it´s been understood, I can explain more if needed. Thank you in advance.

See my reply here:

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Thanks, that´s a real help.

That´s what I have been trying, but for some reason there are some screens that I can´t copy and paste. Any clue what could be the problem?

Does that screens has a custom list? If it group that list ( three dots on top in the list > make a group ) and then try to copy! There is a bug with that!

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Wow! I didn´t know that bug. Now it copies perfectly. Thank you Dilon!

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Whenever a screen doesn’t copy/paste from one to the other, I hit refresh on both and it usually fixes it for me.