Is it possible to copy/clone a database collection

I’m curious if it is possible to copy/clone database collections into an existing app. For instance, I built a company directory App and would now like to add in chat functionality. When I create a new chat app, I can copy and paste the screens into the directory app but the database collection(s) don’t follow.

Ultimately, I have an idea to build out individual “modules” (basically apps) that customers could then pick and choose what functionality they would like to have access to. This would require the ability to copy and paste both the screens and associated database collections into a single new app.

The only way to achieve this right now is to export the data from each collection and import it again in to the other app.

Thanks for your response, Colin. I don’t need the data to copy over, just the database structure.

Unfortunately that is not possible to import the db structure only.

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