Developer saved folder to reuse screen design

Hello community, I am doing apps for a few clients. I notice their profession always request for same forms to be built into the app. I am wondering if I can build one screen with the form, save in a developer folder, and I can just use it and link to the database any time I need to instead of having to redesign the form again and again. I think the act of redesigning the forms is killing me.

I don’t want to clone the app, I am not building the same app, just certain screens with forms/design that are the same.

I know I can probably just build a “Master app” that is not functional but with those screens/design stored in there, and I can just cut/paste from there, but is there a more organized way like a folder that I can search/alphabetize?

Thank you.

I think there is no folder option to store your design. Would be pretty useful thought. You are right about the Master App, I do all the designs I need there (forms, lists, menus, buttons) and then copy the whole screen in the new app, changing fonts and colors. This saves me a lot of time

Thanks. Bummer.

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