Diamond store PWA

I have still not launched on the App stores, but finalizing the deal with the client. Here is the PWA for now.

This is an app for a diamond retail store.

Would love your feedback.

(open on your iphone)

Very nice app, good job @Shinnawy

One remark, you should or could add an overlay or a background to the text on the product images, to get them more easily readable. Black on black is black :slight_smile:

But again, pro and nice, perfect.

Question : for the appointments, are you using airtable? I’m interested to know how you determine the next available appointment :wink:

You are absolutely right. Black on black, IS black! haha

For the appointments, I have a shared database with a backend app for the store side.

Once they create an appointment, using the date picker, is appears to the user as a custom list of “appointments” database.

Check it out now, I just added one.

Thank you for the feedback

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Looks terrific Seif. Amazing work.

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