Diff Calendar Event Color by a Field


Can anyone tell me please if is possible change the calendar event color based by a field ?

For exemple:

Set a field Color as a Text in the table to fill with HEX color code
Set a field NameX as a Text in the table to fill with the Name of a person

In the calendar event set the NameX name

So, the event background set the Blue if the person selected in the event is Jhon and set green if the selected person in the event is Maria…

I try do it but no success…

Can someone help me ?

Hi @MarcM ,

You would need custom calendar built on collection.

There you can use custom list and inside the list, there should be visibility for text shown, it can be based on something unique in users collection, so text color can match with it.

Hi @Yongki, thx by your answer…

Do you know any example ?


Take a look at this,