Difference Of Trigger notifications and Push notifications

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Can someone tell me how the trigger notifications and push notifications work?
What is the difference?


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Can someone tell me the difference?

Hello anyone can someone answer me ? Please :worried: :worried:
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las notificaciones son las mismas una es para android y la otra para iOS Trigger Notifications - Adalo Resources

cómo funcionan las notificaciones de activación y las notificaciones push

I want know how the trigger notifications and push notifications work?


To send push notifications, the user’s permission must be obtained.

To do this, you must place an element of type “Notifications> Request Permission”, the best practice is to trigger it when the first screen is displayed when the application opens.

The “Trigger Notification” element is used to trigger a notification to users, to be placed during an action or access to a page.

You can add dynamic content (from databases), in order to modify this notification at any time and configure as you need.

the API also allows you to send notifications to users.

Notifications are sent only to those who have given the consent and whose app has been active recently → Trigger Notifications - Adalo Resources

You can also create a page with a specific authorization, type administration, in order to write the notification yourself from this space and send it to others.

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Thanks @MikeM3 . I got it.

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