Differenciate to which screen to link based on logged in /logged out status


I want to avoid having to ask users to log in before purchasing.

Is there a way on the database to check if the user has an account created or not?

Thank you

@axme according to current app behavior, users stay logged in if they create an account until they manually sign out. Therefore you can add two linking action on the purchase button;
1- link to login/signup if loggedin user email is empty (a.k.a user is logged out)
2- next screen in checkout process if loggedin user email is not empty (a.k.a user is logged in)


Thank you @Hanan . but it does not allow me to select logged in user → email. How do you do it?

@axme you will find that option under More

like this example:


thank you @Hanan , I think this seems to work. Will test a bit more and inform here in case it does not work