When user is logged out and clicks certain things, send them to signup page

Hi all, my app is a directory of workers. I let anyone see the homepage and browse workers without signing up, but when people click on ‘create listing’, I want them to be redirected to the signup screen and haven’t figured out how to make it happen. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please find image attached.

This is the home/landing page. When people click on ‘create listing’ (middle tab) I want them to be linked to the signup page if they’re not logged in.

Hi @nilson,

Add a conditional link action that links to the Signup screen only if Logged in user > Email > is equal to > empty!

Thank you

Hi Dilon, thanks for getting back to me.

Ok so my current link action is set to link you to the ‘create listing’ page always. Like this:

Now I added the second one you mentioned, which links to signup screen if Logged in user> Email> is equal to empty:

But its still not working, it always links to create listing page.

Put the link action that goes to the Signup screen on top.

Just in case make the link action that goes to the New Listing screen as conditional too.

Logged in user > Email > is not equal > to empty.

Awesome thank! That did it.

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