Select/Remove Button (Sometimes Visible...)


I want to have a button with Select/Remove that changes to Remove/Select when you click it, so I created 2 buttons underneath each other and made the first button “Sometimes visible” if value is equal to 0 and the second button underneath if value is equal to 1. I thought the second button would sort of get in the position of the first one, when the first one disappears, but it’s somehow really buggy… The “Remove” button stays at the same place and doesn’t move upward/doesn’t replace the “Select” button…

Any ideas? Or is there a any better way to do this?

Hi Florian,

I suggest you watch this video if you haven’t already.

PRO TIP: Don’t stack components on top of each other because all the containers and responsiveness will get messed up. Instead, put the duplicate component under the other one WITH about an inch apart.

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Thanks you! Unfortunately, the remove button is still too far down. Also, my buttons are in a custom list, could that be a problem?

It might be a problem, I don’t really know because I haven’t tried that way but I would just play around with it until it works.

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I figured it out! I had the select button above the remove button, but they need to be next to each other so that the remove button slides into the select button’s position.

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