Show image (button) only if database field has content

Hello All!

I’m wondering if we can use some logic when it comes to showing images. I’m using my own imported images as buttons. Some of those buttons are to link to websites and social media pages but not all of the records have websites and different records have different social media pages. IE: Record #1 has a website and Facebook page so I want to show images (icons more likely) with a link image and another with the Facebook icon. Record #2 doesn’t have a website but has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I want to show the icons for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only.

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks in advance,


Hello LCDC,

Under your records, I would create text proprieties like “Facebook”,“Twitter” like this…

then I would create a list of "records and add the icons as images…

and change the visibility to “sometimes visible” if “Text propertie” is not equal to empty.

I hope this helps,


Most excellent @williankober! I’ll give that a go!

This worked perfectly! Thanks!


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