Different Stripe subcription payment methods

Hi All,

I would like to set-up single and recurring payments for my customers via the app. I’ve ran some test with Stripe. So far tis looks promosing, but i do think i am runnning into an issue here as i looks like it only allows payments via Credit card, and not via Ideal/SEPA or any other method, does anyone know if this is correct?

If So, Are there any other alternatives to use iDEAL/SEPA Payments, for single payments and recurring payments?

If not, does anyone know how I could set-up different payment options? (i’ve configured Ideal and SEPA already in STRIPE just need to get them in ADALO)

I did find some documentation on the set-up of this but via an API which needs to be created i think?

Would it be possible to have something set-up like this?

I might also be interested in having this component build if that would be the only solution.

Looking forward to your answers!

KR Bram

You can use Custom Action to Post and Get Api from any Payment Gateway. I have tried it in my app and it works (in sandbox mode).

Hi Bajo,

Amazing, could you please share more details about the setup u used? like screenshots and quided writing, i think you will be able to help a lot of people in setting this up.

Also for me the solution would result if i would continue with Adalo or not, as this would be a crucial part of the app i am building.

KR Bram

I come from Indonesia. my English is bad. but I’ll try to explain as best I can.

This is for Tranfer Bank using Virtual Account.

First. request API using Custom API with method POST. almost all payment gateways in Indonesia have the same steps.

  1. If your request is succes, you will get some respon from the payment gateway. you can safe the respon to your database that you think important. like Order ID, virtual account number, expire time, etc.

  1. then using a custom action like first step, but this time using GET method. You can get information about payment status. in my application, I provide a button for the user to do this.

I don’t know how the API works on the payment gateway in your country. but I think the steps will be similar.

and for payments using a credit card, the method is almost the same.

  1. API POST request for token ID

  2. API POST request for payment/charge

  3. The response from the payment API is the 3ds Authentication link. which you can direct to the user.

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