PLYR component + Amazon S3 Youtube Video

Hi all! I’ve made a video on configuring Amazon S3 buckets so the MP4 file works with PLYR Video. Enjoy.

Note: If someone with more experience with security settings can check the video please let me know if I’ve configured it correctly as I don’t want to lead anyone astray!


Hello @theadaloguy!

Thanks for preparing this lovely tutorial for our component!

BTW, I attached the code source of the component:



Thank you so much for making this video, such a great resource for the entire community.

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Comment, Question, and an Issue/bug:

  1. Thanks for making this PLYR video component. It is pretty awesome.
  2. Question: Will having users upload video to my Adalo DB make my app slow? Is that the reason for the Amazon Bucket? To pull from a different CDN instead of pulling from the app?
  3. I think there is a bug/issue I am encountering. I am wanting the video to show the thumbnail picture of the user’s profile pic, instead of the first frame of the video. The option for this exists in the player… it’s just not working.
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  1. The main reason I used the Amazon bucket was limited file upload size in Adalo. I don’t know if it would slow down the app, maybe not, but it would also put you towards your database size limit.

  2. I didn’t try to change the thumbnails but maybe @lottemint can help with that.