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I’m creating an app for a client, that wants a monthly subscription in order to access premium content on the app. What is the best option/trick I can use?
( Digital Purchases could work? Subscription with stripe would be legal? )

Stripe wouldn’t be legal as far as I know. Subscriptions will come out in 4/6 weeks @Colin said I believe.

In my own app I use something called a license. Someone buys a license which makes their product active for one month. I just submitted it to the appStore, idk of it is allowed or not but I think it is.

@DylanS keep me posted on how that’s going, you could save me some time.

Also, DM me if you need help on something specific, I would be very happy to help you for free.

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The license is a consumable btw, this makes it so you don’t have to offer a refund. (Which is logical in my case, since the license becomes active the moment the user buys it)

Hence users could buy multiple times the same products, in your opinion? What do you think @Colin ?

In my case users can make ships, those ships have an expire date that moves one month (or year) forward when purchased a product. Everywhere I only show the ships with a expire date after current time.

Before I had it that a user can buy actual licences and assign those to ships. This brings a lot of difficulties. To show the current active ships you would need to show a list of active licences and then select from that license the ship (one to many relationship, a ship can have many licences and a license belongs to a ship) this worked fine for lists, but when you want to create a dropdown of ships you can select the name of the ship. After a while I gave up, tomany difficulties. Although I liked that a user could buy a license (and also multiple licenses at one time) and assign it to a ship when he wanted to, it was not worth it.

If it was only with ships I might sticked to it, but for me the trouble started when a ship could have advertisements and those advertisements also needed licenses, became a mess quickly.

Full database structure:

A ship could have many licenses and a license belonged to a ship (obviously it only belonged to a ship when activated)
A user can have many licenses.
Each license belonged to a license type (for example Ship one month, ship one year, advertisements one week, advertisements one month etc)

The app got rejected, but not because of the purchases. (Forgot the edit the permissions texts😂)

Today I will resubmit the app.

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I am happy to let you know my app and in app purchases are approved!


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