iApp Digitial Subscriptions Help

Hey guys, @Experts i’m wondering if one of you may be ble to help me.

As you know many of us are waiting on the subscriptions for digital purchases (iApp, not Stripe).

I read a post that subscriptions will likely be a few more weeks, though this will probably be much longer, and i am not in a position to wait before launching…

Question: How can I set up a one time subscription? Is this possible? I want to essentialy get the user to pay for a year, after the year it expires, and they have to re purchase? How can I achieve this?

The bit that throws me off is that you must be able to restore purchases? So how can i manage that by restoring an old expired purchase if you get me?

If there’s anyone here able to help it would be greatly appreciated - as i really now just want to launch the apps on a pay per year expiring subscription.

Thanks in advance !

@Leaders anyone have any ideas on this?

I’m have the same question as you. Would love to hear feedback?

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