Cannot automatically select a data point via form


I have been working on a project for my company and have run into an issue that does not allow me to assign a parent entity to new users.

I am hoping to sign up new users that will use the platform, and then use the sign up form to automatically assign them to their respective company.

The user and company have a one-to-many relationship.

I have attached two images- one that shows how I can select it in the database of Adalo, and the other in the action that does not allow me to select one.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 1.18.07 PM

How do I get around or fix this?

Hey there @mikem

I would recommend signing up the user first without the company, then linking to a 2nd screen where they can then select the company from a list.

I can get it to work where the user can select a company just fine. I am hoping to have it automatically selected, as some part of the software is client facing in which they should not see other options.

Do you have any ideas of how this could be done? I am also struggling to set the default value of a dropdown for this same scenario (was hoping I could set a default value and then just hide it on the page).

How do you know which company the user should belong to/which to hide?

I was planning on having seperate (landing) pages for each company, in which the input would be default to the respective company.

That leads to another question. Are you creating landing pages by making new apps for each company? Or are you going the javascript route?

Just manually, since there is only a few that I have to worry about and its pretty much just a login page. I would be (hopefully) duplicating the same page and just changing the name and default company value.

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If you have a list of companies, you can create a URL parameter and tie that to the user.

like you could have something like “” that would direct them to a signup form where that company is the default selected. It would be the “Current Company” on the screen.

You would only need 2 screens for this. A loading screen set as the “login” screen so that the users land there first, and then the actual login screen with the form.

The loading screen would contain a countdown timer within a list of companies that match the input that you update with the javascript component.

Wow this is awesome. I did not know that this was even possible. Thank you for your help! I will let you know if I have any more questions

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