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I am still working on a LinkTree-like app that is tailored to a specific market. I feel like I have all of the functionality I want for my MVP, and am experimenting with other features. I’d like to incorporate a feature where once a user has finished their page of links, they can click a “share” button that will either trigger a popup that shows their page link, or copy a link to their page to their clipboard. Eventually, I’d also like to use this info to generate a QR code as well.

Is this possible in Adalo? I have yet to figure out a way to reference the URL to a specific page in the app.

Thanks for the help!

From my testing, the issue with a LinkTree-Like app in Adalo is that you cannot link to a specific page so you would have to build a fresh app for each person who owns the links, they could not all use the same interface because you dont want to force the people who want to see that users links to login.

Hope that makes sense. Also the same reason, again as far as I know, that sharing will not work.

Yes, it’s possible @dab1294 & @Bobby

You have to use the Arbitrary Javascript component by Pragmaflow.

See my reply on this thread here: Direct links to products or websites - #4 by Flawless

Thank you, I will dive into this tonight and see if I can make it work!

if you are a native user only deep linking can make that happens, which doable in Adalo.

What @Flawless suggested is for PWA or Webapps isn’t?

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Yes, you’re exactly right Jimmy. I apologize for not clarifying. I made the assumption that @dab1294 is using a desktop PWA, not a native mobile app.

Can you verify @dab1294 which you are using, native mobile app or desktop PWA?

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