Discount for Components

Hi guys,

I am announcing that Asynk has just made a big sale these past days, celebrating that, using ASYNK10 promo code here, you can benefit from up to 20% discount on any component of your choice. Check here

Also, I want to say that the Adalo component website had moved from /adalo to

hi jimmy, the link you provide don’t work

I’m sorry, there is an issue happening with my host.

You can reach to me or you can see it here

Thanks jimmy but still not allow to see the product and also the demo, i will wait from you :wink:

You can’t see any component?

I can see it on the link you provide but when i click on it, nothing show up (problem with servor)

I am sorry about that, we are fixing the issue with our host.

In the meantime, i can share with you everything you need using Adalo’s default urls

thanks jimmy i appreciate :slight_smile: i’m intresting in the deeplink for native app module