Certain elements overlap each other on mobile

They are always elements which are attached to the bottom or top of the screen. This is the worst offender, the menu.

The menu and all of its items are a single group. On PWA it looks fine. On iOS is looks like it’s having a seizure.


Hi Tanner,

I think the best thing to do is submit a support ticket.

Hi, that did not help. Here’s a video.


I’m halfway through the video and I think I know what the issue is. Can you send me a cloneable app of your app so I can check myself and confirm?

Not sure how to do that and I’m away from my computer for a couple of hours - could you try to explain it here?

No problem, I was asking for a cloneable so I can play with the menu.

Ok, the first thing I see is that at 00:51 the transparent rectangle that does a link back action, is there any reason for it to be behind the menu? Have you tried making it only the white space? (background)

I haven’t, let me try.

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Pushing it to testflight now, @James_App_Maker. I’ll let you know.

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James, this didn’t cure anything.

When you have a chance, send me a cloneable app so I can play around with it myself.

How do I do that? And what risk is involved in making my app clonable?

There’s no risk. It’s a cloneable app, so no one can mess with the live version because it’ll just do things to their copy. (only Adalo support has access to your app)

(DM me the link, don’t post it publicly)

Go to settings then copy the cloneable link and DM it to me.

Hey Tanner,

Do you still need help with this?

I resolved this with the help of @dilon_perera. The issue was the way things were grouped and layered. Dilon was of immense help in getting me through understanding this better.


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