Display bug : list/groups


I’ve been re-designing my app and somehow “broke” it.

My screen displays a list and components. I now have 25 groups of 5 components each (I know that’s a lot) but it does not seem to be the problem (since I’ve hidden most of them) and let only one visible to test before I apply conditional visibility to each of them.

I tried to drag the components/the groups into the list but it does not help.

Please see the discrepancy between the storyboard and the preview below that I can’t figure out.

Any hints on this displaying issue?

Are those text components filled through magic text? If yes, are there records to populate that text?

Yes the text buttons are filled through text magic and there are data to populate the texts.
It actually worked until I grouped the components and made 25 groups (24 hidden for now)

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