Display bug with list

This happens if they force quit in the middle of answering questions in the app and when they reload the app this is what they’ll see as the entry. It’s showing every single ranking emoji if the user doesn’t complete the questions.

Idk if this is a bug or I just need to add an action somewhere. I even added to the db an empty score when NO SCORE is registered, but still shows all emoji’s.

I’ve added delete buttons on each question to help users who quit early, but it doesn’t fix the issue of when they force quit in the middle of the questions.

Fixed the display issue but idk if this is the right answer or a workaround.

Since the emoji is dictated by the slider, I added the slider formula to every single screen connected (all the questions (6)).

Is this the correct way? It’s working but doesn’t mean I did it right. lol

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