Help with empty lists leaving blank spaces all of a sudden

Hello everyone!

I am looking for help with my lists because they leave blank spaces when no result comes up and this is causing huge design issues.

I have a number of lists back to back that only show one or zero result depending on several conditions. Out of 15 lists, there can be only 5 results that come up and this is meant for the user to end up with what looks like a single list of 5 items. (I have to use different lists because subtitles are different depending of which result is picked).

Please note that it used to work perfectly and it did look like one single list for a while, which was great and looked professional.
I have not changed anything to my screens and the empty lists now leave an empty space for some reason. Also these empty spaces are uneven because of the number of empty lists in between results that show up.
This looks cheap and that is a problem because it is happening on the paid part of my app.

It looks as if visibility parameters have been changed all of a sudden but Adalo says nothing has changed on their side.

Can anyone help me come up with a solution?
I am ready to hire a developer just to fix that one bug in my app. The app is actually ready to launch but I just can’t do so if the main service looks like this.

Please take a look at my screenshots for your reference. This is before and after the bug, and I really didn’t change anything to the screen.

Thank you!