Display COUNT items with specific relationship

I have a collection of “employees”, related to another collection called “types of employees” (Cast, Production, Creatives). In a summary page I want to display how many Cast Memebers, how many Production, etc.

Is it possible to do a “count if” kind of magic text?

Can you give an example on what you are trying to do a count on?

It’s a theatre admin app.
First Collection: Employees.
Second Collection: Type of Employees. (Cast, Production, Creative)

In the Collection Employees one of the propperties is Type of Employees each employee is asign a type. There are 6 employees assigned with “Cast”.

I would like to Display: Cast Members: 6

Thanks for your interest

Why not create a seperate colleciton for each and then just link them in the employees collection? That way you can get active counts for all plus can add custom conditions to each employee type

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Your question is “Is it possible”. Yes you can do this. If it is a number field then you apply filters on it. That answers your question. You can add filters based on the collection field.

Thanks to all, didn’t realize about the filter inside counts, thank you!

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