Counting related items in list (with table)


Hopefully someone can help with this.

On this image:


the table at the top should be counting the related units (which are in a separate collection in the db), in the list below and instead it is counting them all as the same amount.

The table in this case should read:

  • EAD - 1 (this is the purple icon with the paint board)
  • PD - 3 (this is the red dancing man)
  • MATH - 1 (this the yellow icon with the + - etc)

I would think that this will require some kind of custom equation, if it is even at all possible!


lol, faced the same problem trying to set up a Chart, could not figure it out in this chart compo.
if you re only interested in differenciating sums of each in this compo…I cant help. :roll_eyes:

else… I could dif the SUM fo each in Custom Lists…you just need to use a custom list for each category EAD/PD, etc…and display them one above the other… :upside_down_face:

I beleive Adalo is missing a MINI TABLE GRID system that could display them all in a compact “MINI excell Sheet” format with numbers and Icon support.

If interesed by the Mini Grip you can Vote here

Thanks, I am trying to follow what you said but haven’t got it working, if you can could you please clarify how the custom list should be made?

referring to my case use : Follow just Ben’s advises and it’ll work…

if your goal would be different than you can ask him…

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