Display current order items in a simple list

Hi I’m doing a simple order app based on the adalo template but much simpler. The user selects a product from a card list. An order is created and linked to an order screen where a quantity is input (no shopping cart since hundreds may be chosen) and the amount calculated. User hits a button (add to your order) and an order item is created with a link to a summary list to display what they’ve ordered so far. A button (order another product) links back to the card list where the process is repeated. Now there should be 2 order items in the summary list but only the 2nd one shows up even though both records appear in the orders and order items collections. Here’s a visual- any help appreciated:)

I think it’s because when an user choose a new product it create ANOTHER ORDER and it’s not inside the current order. I have a e-commerce app and I used this method :

On the Home, there is a button named “Shop now”, this button create the ORDER.
The second screen there is a list of product and each action create a order item with Current Order

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Yes thanks very much- In “old school” terms I was trying to do a “While-loop” (While a condition is true, repeat an action) but it appears the workflow must proceed in a single direction and that looping back will create a new current order. Thanks for your help!

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No worries

I know, the Adalo system is very awful sometimes but with some logic, you can do too many stuff. If needed, don’t hesitate :wink:

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