Create New order items without delecting the current order items

Hi Friend i need your help

I want to learn how to add others order items from a New list without lose or delect the current order items of the current order.
This is the link of my app , Can you help to do this.
i.e Lav'Tout Clone Clone ( clone app)

Hi @nouahenri ,

Check Online Ordering app, it is free cloneable in Resources Category.

If you don’t understand, you can ask in that thread.

I am beginner with Adalo.The xample you gave seems difficult for me .
What I’m looking is :
when i 'am ordering items from a list of a category , I would like to add others items from another category in the current order before checkout

See the example of my app

Lav’Tout Clone Clone ( clone app)

Check this out! : Lav'Tout Clone

Thanks you very much bro

This is what I’am looking for exactly. But you forget to clone the app so that I can see what you change or add as property and What collection is concerned pls.

Clone the app pls

Thanks you

Enable cloning!

This is the final projet

Do it for me in this project

I also enable app clone on the the first

for my own training

Thx you friend

Notice : don’t forget to indicate the collection , property and field concerned.

That’s all I can do for free for your app! If you need to add more things you need to pay or hire someone or post the question here that you are facing and once the community helps you, you can add it to your app!

Thank you

You don’t enable the clone …
Please I am beginner and i really want to know which are the collection, field and property concerned to achieve this topic
Thanks you.

This is the last I need your help for free

Enabled cloning for this! Thank you!

Thanks you . I see how you do it .

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