Display current user count for all users only when switch is toggled on or off

I am trying to display a current user count tha all the user can see ONLY when a switch is toggled on

For example if user 1 logs in, he would see an active count of anyone else that has already toggled the switch to the on position. And if the user then toggles the switch to on, it adds to the count, if he toggles the switch to off, the count would go down by 1.

every user would see in real time the user count going up or down based on the switch going on and off per user.

Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction… I have it to the point where i can get the count to increase or decrease by switch off and on, but I cant get every user to see the same count, currently each user only sees their count, go up by 1 if they switch to on and back to 0 if it switch to off.

Thanks in advance for any help on this… im completely stuck and out of my element on how to get this to work

Hi @ej2023 ,

You will need app setting that can track number of login.

Check here,

and here,

@Yongki thanks for the quick response. I don’t see a clone button for the apps you mention that is cloneable. Is there something I need to turn on in Adalo to see this?

Thanks again

Have you tried having a propery in a collection that every user can access?

So when they switch the toggle on/off, you update the count of that property.

Since the property is not directly linked to one specific user, you display the count of that property and users should see the total count, as it goes up and down.

@charleshope - thank you for your response. I am such a rookie when it comes to any of this and a first time adalo user… been playing with adalo for 1 week now… can you expand on how I would start that… i think I can get the first sentence you said sorted out.


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Yes, clone button was turned off, now you can check again.

@dilon_perera thank you for this… i will review and step through what I can.

perfect, I see the button now… thank you for this… I will clone this and learn from this what I can and go from there… thanks again

@dilon_perera I followed your video and this is exactly what I was looing for… its working for me perfectly! Thank you so much.

I now have the real time count based on the checkbox being checkdd on or off.

My next question is… because this is a meditation app… people will be idle. I need to auto toggle that box to off after 20 min. Can you explain to me how I would do this?

Awesome and Your welcome!

@ej2023, do you need to show a timer or don’t show and just off after 20 mins?

just off after 20 min

@dilon_perera another thing i notice… is that the count doesnt scroll with the screen… so that when I scroll the count overlaps the content thats scrolling… if that makes sense. I have tried to fix the text box and list to the top, but that doesnt seem to attach the count to the screen, it still floats on top of the content… any ideas how I can fix this… im sure im just missing a setting somewhere…

Got it!

@ej2023, could you show this behavior from a video?

yes, ill drop a screen recording here

@dilon_perera here it is

whoa, thank you… I will step through this and tell you my results! wow, really, really… thank you

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Thanks for the video @ej2023!

Hmm… I guess I know what maybe the issue. Is it possible to give access for your app to check this and fix this and share what happened, here? ( You can add this email : pereradilon24@gmail.com by clicking the settings icon on left side of the editor and app access section and add the email )

I have added you to the app, thank you Dilon!