Tutorial App Setting, Still Online and Forced Logout

Hi All,

Here is cloneable app.

App Setting collection is 1-record only and used to contain global variables, we can access it using list disguised as button. (login and signup button)

To make list of a button, by clicking vertical 3 dots in left panel.

Still Online is toggle (true/false) property in users collection, is used to make visible green ellipse at user’s icon (at top right corner).

Along with last online, this could be useful when doing bulk update to check how much time has elapsed, such as users are idle.

Forced Logout is to logout automatically when toggle property is true in users collection.

Every navigation to link screen is checked against this value.

Input fields and countdown are still visible, but can be squeeze and color change and relocated so that it don’t clutter the screen.



Wonderful job! :slight_smile: