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I just want to display the current year for the Copyright display on the app. I currently am showing copyright (current time) in date format, but I’d like to remove the month and day. Is this possible?

Have a years collection, each record is a year with a start date and end date. Make a list of years filtered by start time is before current time, and end time is after current time. This will filter the list to the current year.

Sounds good! I’ll give it a shot.

Ok so I got the list. Now how could I use that list in Magic Text so that I can display ©(current year) “My Company”. Is there a way to reference that list?

Even though its inside a list, you can still use data that is available on the screen. So if that screen has ‘current company’ data it would just be c Year (current company)

Text field

©(current year > name) (current company)

Wouldn’t that mean that either the user or the company would need to be assigned a year as a property? How do we filter that to the current year or automatically assign the current year as the user/company year? Is there maybe an API you know of that provides a copyright for an app that displays anywhere on the site?

They don’t need to be assigned any year, as you are just trying to display current year.

The list of years, filtered to current year achieves this. We are just trying to display the current year. Displaying the company name next to it doesn’t have to bear any relation to that. Just a display trick using data from different parts of the database.

Oh so I guess my question would be how do you display a filtered list in a text module? When you say "Text field

©(current year > name) (current company)"
I’m not seeing the connection between the filtered list actually displaying “current year” as magic text. What step am I missing?

Please see below screenshots

Thank you! It seems so simple now lol. Totally worked, really appreciate it!

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Hi all,

Sorry to interfere here, but are you really sure you’d like to execute a DB operation each time just to get a year on a Copyright screen? :slight_smile:
Did you try an alternative solution - like “1970+Current time/365,25”? This will be a bit glitchy around 1st of Jan, but I don’t think high precision is required here :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Super interesting. I did it, and used Round( to make it an integer. Seems to work. Really creative solution, not even sure I get the math involved with dividing a time stamp by a number lol but thanks!

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