YEAR from the Current Date


I need to get the YEAR from the Current Date.

Any Ideia ?


Hi Rafa,

Please see the following thread for various ways how to achieve this.



I tested this formula (“1970+Current time/365,25”), but it didn’t work.

I’m doing something wrong, can you give me more details on how to do it?

There are other solutions in the thread I shared, have you tried those? Another way would be to use an API such as World Time API but you would need to learn how to create custom actions and you would need a paid account to use custom actions.


What exactly did you do and how it didn’t work?

Current time is stored as number of days since 01/01/1970 in integer part and fraction of the day in fraction part.
So if you divide Current time by 365,25, you will roughly get the number of years since 01/01/1970. There might be glitches around 1st of january due to rounding and timezone issues.
So if you add 1970 to the result you’ll get the current year.

Best regards, Victor.

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