DO ADALO have paypal integration

finnally gat it

can you see the video

I can only see a screenshot. You can upload the video on Google Drive and make it public and share the URL. Or you can upload it on YouTube and send the URL. Or maybe you can use Loom.

Let me explain this the best I could

There is a user database, now the is a true/false on that database that is call real estate agents right okay

Now there is another database call real estate agent user

Now on that database there is a true or false that is call”features” which a agents can chose to have they profile features if they like to now where a agents decide that they want to have there profile features they can please on the button and it will carry them to a screen for them to make the payment.

The I app purchase on the auction part after purchase was successful action I want to have it update the real estate agent user features to true but it is not given me that option.


If there is a Create real estate agent user action before the Update action then you will see Update New real estate agent user.

I’m thinking that do you need another database to store the real estate agents because you have already created a true/false property in the Users collection to know

if that user is a real estate agent. And you can create a features true/false property on the Users collection and add Update Logged in user action and add true to features true/false property.

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I see what your saying but it will mess up some of my database so I think I should do when the user press features my profile it will just carry them to a screen with a form that will have them out they name and that should send the data to the other screen thank you I think I’ll do that do you think it will work based on your experience

Hey @picolpierre1 , thanks for reaching out. I’ve never used the Paypal integration personally to be able to tell you how it works in this scenario.

@Flawless i meant your idea on this I already did the PayPal integration

You can add the Create action! I think you don’t need a form.

Where is the “real estate agent” created? Is this agent created on the payment success action? If so, as @dilon_perera stated, you should have an “update new real estate agent” action. I do not see that in your screenshot, so I’m going to assume the real estate agent is created in a prior step.

So then If not, you’ll need to create a list of the real estate agents that would lead to the payment screen which will then allow you to update the current real estate agent > featured to true.

Alternatively, you can create a list from the button here:

The list should be a list of all real estate agents where real estate agent > user > email is equal to logged-in user email. This will also allow you to have an “Update > current real estate agent” action (and set it to 1 item maximum)


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