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I need some help

I run an app on Adalo and Premium Features are based on Users Collection Property Visibility Condition, so every user has a property called X, when this property is true, some premium features are shown to the user. If it’s blank or false, it doesn’t show because the user didn’t buy it.

When I’m creating the adalo user (create a new record via n8n) I can fill those properties with the right value. But a user has a chance to buy later, when he has already access to the app. So I need to automatically edit that specific user property to true.

Problem is I have two ways to do that and either way I’m in trouble to make it work

  1. First way would be with a “receive webhook” feature where I can send a webhook to Adalo with the values and it will automatically update that specific email and logged in user

  2. Second way would be with n8n. In n8n we have Update Record and Get Record, both I need the record ID before updating. But I don’t know how to automatically get the record ID from that specific email

Looking forward to hearing from you
many thanks

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