DO ADALO have paypal integration

do adalo have paypal integration?

Hi @picolpierre1,

As far as I aware No. But there is a Paypal Component made by Complab.

Thank you

ill try this thanks.

is there any component in adalo that allows java coding i know about html but not java

I think No. But there is a JavaScript Component.

ALSO i think you could help me with this

I want to have it so when the user make the purchase it put them features to true but it is not giving the option even with manual data

Features means? A true/false property in the Users collection?

no the user property the real estate user property

You mean there is a User property ( One to many relationship between Agents and Users) and need to add that created agent to Logged in user’s > Agents. Then you can add Logged in user as the value on your create action User property.

This is a little confusing but here is the date base setup

What property you need to Update?

The features on teh real estate user to true

Could you add a screenshot what property you need to update and in what collection that property has been created?

this property

This true/false property ( Features agents ) is stored in the Users collection right? Then add a Update action Update Logged in user>Features agents>True.

it is store in real estate user collection

but if i do it like you explain it will mess up some fuction in the app

I didn’t get it. Users collection or Real Estate collection?

Is it possible to explain with a video or some screenshots?

Okay give me a sec

adalo will not allow me to send a video file