Generate a QR code and NFC Tag

Hello everyone!
I’m building a SaaS with Adalo. In this stage of developement I need to generate a QR code for each table in a restaurant with an URL generated.
This URL should open another web app (on mobile phone) and we should transfer some data on the web app opened (only table ID because we use Xano)

Is that possible to do in Adalo? Doesn’t matter the solution, I need one.

The Image below maybe can help you understand

If I understand this correctly - you can generate the QR code dynamically for each table. You can pass whatever information you want (you’ll want it to be something like[uniqueTableID])

What isn’t clear to me is who is scanning it later, with what, and why should happen. If you use a standard qr code scanner, it probably won’t work for adalo because we don’t have friendly URLs. It’s nearly impossible to route to the exact page in an adalo web app, so this is probably a no go.

You can generate the web page in another platform, like bildr or webflow based on the user’s url.

If the user is scanning the QR code with an adalo app, then you can filter the information with in app information.

Hope that helps…

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Hi @Erik ! Just few minutes ago I found how to generate an URL without opening the page of product, in this way I generate URLs for anything when I create a record in database.

I use Xano backend and the URLs are simple, with Adalo integrated database I don’t know if it works.

If anyone want me to share what I discovered I can make a video to explain and show you more.

And also, thank you very much for your answer!


Well for me, I have added in one of my app a feature where the user scan a qr code on the table, and it opens the app on a page which is specific for that table where the user is.

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I made it possible to generate a URL for a QR code and to open the page in the application when scanning the QR code with the “Camera” application of the phone. If you need this feature, I can shoot a video.

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