HELP! How to pass results from a webview to another screen

Hi everyone,

I added a webview component in my app for users to connect their bank accounts, sort of like Plaid. However, I need a way for the results in the webview page to be linked to the logged in user or to appear on the next screen.

Does anyone have any ideas or work arounds that could help? Thanks

Hi @Tami

I am not sure if understand your question correctly, but I believe you want to send information (like email, name, etc.) of logged-in users to the website you added to the webview page?

If that’s the case you need to use custom actions and look into the API documentation of the company you want users to access their website.

something similar to this API - Overview | Plaid Docs

The opposite actually. I want to send the details from the webview page to another screen on my app. Or to send the details from the webview page to a collection in Adalo.

E.g A user connects their bank account and I get the details of their bank account etc via Webhook in Zapier but I want those details to be added to the user collection or to be passed to another screen.

It is not possible to do this way. I highly don’t think it is.
If you want to get the bank data of your app users, you’ll have to use the bank API to reach those information.

Unless you ask the user to put in inside an input before going next screen but you’ll be saying good bye to a userfriendly experience

I am already using the bank API to get the data from users but I want to update the record of the user with those details. That’s what I’m having problems with.

Can’t you upload then directly it database? Weird. Maybe try to put them inside an input and push the input in the date before going next screen

Does this part already work for you?

If so, you can do a multi-step zap in Zapier to update the user record that initiated the webhook.

I tried but I can’t seem to get it to work. The zap starts with a catch hook trigger to tell when someone just connected their account and the next thing should be an action to update the Adalo record but because I don’t have the record ID in the first step, I’m unable to update it.

Ah yes. Theres a component of pragma flows that grabs the record id on button click. May be worth looking into. I havent used it myself but i imagine its the way to get that record id you need.

Oh can I get a link to the component please?

It’s the 2nd to the last item on the list:

& they have a tutorial video: Adalo Button with Record Id as action argument - YouTube

Thanks a lot

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