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Im currently creating a reservation app for my fitness studio. It is a private fitness studio with limitations on how many people can use the studio at a specific date and time frame. I wanted to create an app where registered users can log in and book a slot to use the fitness studio at their chosen time and date but at the same time I would like to limit the amount of people can use the studio at that specific time and date.
Eg : USER A choose 27/7/2022 @ 12pm - 2pm , then when USER B chooses 27/7/2022 , the 12pm -2pm option would be unavailable because it is full, which then USER B have to choose the time slot after 2pm or before 12pm.

the only way I found to make this happen was to input the dates manually and set the time slot manually and set a capacity on it. Is there other way to make the system identify the dates and time being book and automatically limits it accordingly without me inputting those dates and time manually?

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Check this topic created by Yongki : Prevent Double Date Time Reservation and this post : Problem with double reservation - #2 by Yongki

I guess that what you need is a conditional Create reservation action and the condition will be based on the reservations collection count.

I think if you use a drop-down to select the slots this condition will not possible and I think you would need a custom drop-down with a custom list.

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Yeap i do need a custom list. I’ve tried the custom list but it doesnt allow me to only list 1 item, im currently using an external database which i then link to my custom list. Is there anyway to limit only 1 item shown ?

After you connect a external collection you will not see the set maximum items option. But if the API have a query to limit the results you can add that as a query. Many API’s has that and I guess that the API that you connected also should have a one? Can we know the API that you connected? Check the documentation

Hello, how are you? Is it time for classes for several people, for example spining classes for 10 people, or is it so that each user can reserve a specific time from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.? It depends, that’s how you can set it up.

if it is the first option: in the database of shifts it puts a property of Day and start time, a number property that says class quotas, title and description… when the user enters the calendar he puts the day and sees the shifts that you created, when you reserve the current shift, quotas-1 puts a condition that when the quota is 0 the reserve button is not seen.

If it is for a single person you can create time slots according to what the user can reserve 10 to 11 / 12 to 13 / 14 to 15 and you create a collection of days of the week that you can update manually… Monday to Sunday only you change the numbers… that collection in relation many to many to slots… then when the user selects the day Monday he sees the free shifts, selects a shift and that shift no longer appears on that day… I did like this for a barbershop

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