Double filter not working correctly

I built a very simple dating app with 4 users. Each user has two fields in the database: their gender, and the gender of who they date. Genders are stored as a separate collection with 2 records (male & female) and are linked twice as (many users - one gender).

I am trying to create a search filter that takes in account the gender preferences of both you and the other users. Here’s what it looks like without any filters:

dating all
After applying the first filter, it correctly removes both people who are NOT seeking a man:

dating man
After applying the second filter for the same gender (man / man) or (woman / woman), it shows correctly:

dating man man
But when you apply the filter for opposite gender (man / woman) or (woman / man), nothing appears:

dating man woman
The list filters I set up:

Why does this only work when searching for same gender, but not opposite gender? Is there a way to fix this?

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