Download button for images and videos?

Hi, I’m trying to create a download button for images and videos. I’ve created a button with an action that opens an external URL, and I’ve added the image that I want (eg: Number4.png (800×1000) ( as well. Unfortunately, it only opens it in a new tab instead of downloading it. Is there any syntax I should add to force the browser to start downloading the file? I’m using the latest version of Edge on desktop for this.

This feature is not in adalo yet!

On dropbox it comes with a special syntax with attribute in url (?dl), exemple : dropbox. com/file_name?dl=1

You can find that on youtube video url as well.

So, i think, you need to create a JavaScript or something like this on the website which own the image

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Adalo is made as a No-Code so, I don’t think he wants to code.

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Hi Addy @AddyEdwin ,

I’m not sure this is officially supported, but you might try adding something like this to the external link:
Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 20.11.16

You could also add &dl=filename.jpg to define the file name.

Use at your own risk :wink:


P.S. Other option to explore could be storing images as files, but I haven’t tested it by myself.


Hello everyone, thanks for the inputs :smiley: I’ve tried your suggestions, but they didn’t work, so I’m guessing this is something I’ll have to wait for the devs

In the meantime, I’ll rename the download button to “open in new tab” :slight_smile:

Hi @AddyEdwin,

That’s really strange why it didn’t work for you. I’ve checked this personally, and it worked in my case.

Here is a “sneak-peek” video preview reg. ImgIX capabilities - see there how download works:


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