Newbie Question: direct download PDF on button click

Hi, everyone!

I have no tech experience whatsoever (Adalo has been a God-send for setting up my app).
I am in the final “tweaking” stages and adding some last-minute touches to enhance the efficiency of my app.
The main feature of my app involves sharing a unique PDF document to each of my clients. I currently have this set up to fill a web-view page with the logged in client’s specific URL in my database. It will work, but I would like to enhance the presentation a bit.
The problem being: I’m not entirely sure how to do my preferences or if it is possible in Adalo.
If anyone has any advice, recommendations, or solutions for the asks below, I would greatly appreciated any insight! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Is it possible to create a button that will download the PDF directly to the user’s device without opening a new webpage?
  2. The PDF viewer that appears on screen from the PDF URL is zoomed in and does not show the typical web-view controls - is it possible to change the dimensions so that the entire document will show in the web view? If not, does anyone have a recommendation for alternate ways to display PDF?

Thank you in advance!!

You can set the “View PDF” button as an external link and then populate the external URL with the PDF URL to open it in a new tab. I also noticed the web view controls for browser PDF viewers are dependent on which browser you’re using.

For instance, on Microsoft Edge it has the ability to highlight text and other features, which I noticed were missing from Chrome.

For saving the PDF automatically without displaying the PDF, I’m not sure if that can be done. Onb mobile, when you tap on a PDF link, doesn’t it give you the option to download it/view it instantly? Maybe someone more experienced with Adalo can help with that one.

Good luck!

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Hi @ChannelingAkasha !! :blush:

In this tutorial Victor is teaching how to download a image to user’s device.
I think this will help you @ChannelingAkasha . :blush:

Thank you. :innocent: :+1: :blush:

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Thank you so much for responding! That’s very helpful to know different browsers show different capabilities - these are the “little” things that my untrained brain just doesn’t consider!

This is INCREDIBLY beneficial - thank you so much for sharing. I may be nose-deep for a couple of days learning, but I believe this will be a perfect solution. :slight_smile:

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