Drop Down menu issues and form inputs holding values

I am creating an app where you make table reservations. There are table categories, and table numbers. Each table has a unique number, and a category. Multiple tables can have the same categories. When a user goes to reserve a table, they must select a category (via a dropdown menu), then they must pick a table number, again from a dropdown menu. The second dropdown menu is filtered to show ONLY the tables within the selected table category. The issue I am having is that it works the first time. So, if I select one category, I can then select the tables in that category. But if I try to switch the category, then when I go to select the table number, it just says “select table” with no options.

I have a common issue where forms keep values that were previously imputed. So, if I go through my entire reservation process, and fill everything out… when I go to make a reservation again, everything is still there. So, any suggestions on that is appreciated as well.

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