Need help with adding categories

I´m working on a rental app, where users can add items they want to rent out. So, I need categories. For example if a user have a Mountain Bike he/she wants to rent out. The process for adding the listing will include selecting the right category. The bike will have a category some thing like this:

 Main cat             Sub cat.      SubSub cat            SubSubSub cat

Sporting Goods → Cycling → Bicycles → Mountain Bikes

There will of course be many more choices in all the different categories.

My question:
I use dropdown lists for the user to select categories. Is it possible to show only the relevant choices down the line of choosing categories? So after selecting Sporting Goods, the user don’t see for example cars,apartments,tools and so on?

Hi @Eccles ,

Use dropdown replacement, so you can have actions.

I solved my issue using unique ID numbers for the different category items, and filtering the dropdown thereafter

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