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Hi does anybody know if it’s possible to get a multible dropdown menu? The menu from the marked place doens’t work for me, because it updates the database, when a field is selected right away. I need it like a standard select menu. That the database is only updated, when a save button is clicked.

The user must fill out everything and only with a click on “erstellen” everything should be updated.

So is this somehow possible?
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Hi, You can do it with custom lists,
you build your lists like a drop down menu, you make them appear and disappear with a visibility rule, then you put invisible input fields which the value of will be changed by the lists you created, and then you just add a button to create or update the record you want

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Thanks for your answer :smiley:
When the value is changed for the second time, the value of the first time disappears. Do you know how to fix this? Currently I have the settings: Change input value to current “Modul” / Name

What do you mean by the value changes the 2nd time?
can you explain more on what is the 1st and wat is the 2nd time?

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@Benalihoussam @jakob i think I know what he means, when one drop down is updated and he updates another one the first one disappears. This requires to select the first drop down and all that goes with it such as descriptive text and spacing; once those components are selected you must group them again even if they are already grouped, just group them again WITHOUT ungrouping the first group. Then you will be allowed to set a second visibility conditions to keep it visible. This must be done as any times as needed if you need to keep visibility for multiple scenarios. Keep in mind that certain visibility conditions may out weigh others. So, you may have all the visibility conditions set in the app but given the order they are in they may not all work together like you may. If this is the case play around with the grouping and visibility. To get the visibility conditions to work in the order desired.

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