DropDown Component Issue

Hi Guys

I am facing an issue with Dropdown component. Dropdown component is not showing the saved value for an item from a list, in edit mode.

I had created 2 collections - SampleUser (Name, District) and District.

Dropdown is created with data from District collection. SampleUser collection stores a text field Name and a relation to District collection item.

While updating the SampleUser Collection data using the Android app, the dropdown component doesnt show the saved value. Ideally, this should show the value selected in the Registration Screen. But only the Name field value is getting displayed.

This is happening only in the Android app. In PWA, the dropdown component is displaying the stored value from the collection correctly.

Can anyone help us to fix this issue? We have no clue on how to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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@theadaloguy - Is this something you can help here?

Hi, I’m not 100% clear on your setup. If you can add me to your team, and add me to your app also, I’ll take a look for you.

@theadaloguy Thanks for offering your help !!

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I’ve messaged you a little video with a possible solution. In short: Try to build your own form and test if this works around the issue.

Thanks for the video. I believe this may be the case with a custom forms. We will try it out and keep you posted.

Appreciate your time and advice here.

@anon78309838 There is surely a bug with the drop-down component

Hello @theadaloguy

We have built the app today and tested that custom dropdown fields still can’t be able to see the saved dropdown value.


whereas in PWA values are displaying without any issues.

Can you help us to fix this issue in android builds.

I think need to submit a support ticket and see if this is a bug. If both forms and custom drop downs aren’t working, not sure what other options there are.