Dropdown not working well with Maximum Number and Default Value

So I have a dropdown where I compare number to another field and it show 1 “Maximum number of items” and the “Default Value”, should be that value. It was working before very well, now it only appears “Select” and no default value.
Anyone encountered same?

Can you share a screenshot of how you have set that up.

Hi Colin,
Check your email :).

I saw another issue, when using drop-down same happens when you filter a value by “>= or <=”, so when there is a range available and not just a variable to select, the same behavior happens.

I thought my issue was solved, but it is not. It seems he just works when you already added a value (so you did a submission). So only seems to work after cache triggers. If I use a different browser, the issue continues :(.

Any news regarding this? I have my client waiting :(. Thanks.

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