DROPPED Icon does not glue to the Screen List

I used an Icon and dropped it on a Screen Field with no problem (picture News Icon)
…now with the 2 Bike Icon, I can not reach the same result, Byke Icon is not Glued to the Field and does not move along with the whole field.

Capture d’écran de 2020-07-09 16-29-06

Any tips to properly GLUE Icons to whatever field from a list ?
*all other buttons components get glued fine.
:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Note : is it normal that the Yellow frame (selection) is shorter than the Actual White Field that one is trying to resize… ?
*** I would think it has to be aligned with the vertical side of the white frame… or even a bit more outside :no_mouth:

*(also it doesnt show a Select Frame with four “yellow circle” on all corners when you try to select Icons - :thinking:)

@bibipac Drag&Drop a new component into a list is sometimes tricky. To ensure that the new component is WITHIN the list, select the list(!) and click Add Component in the sidebar:

correct… had not tought of adding icons this way - will test it !