🎉 It's HERE! Dynamic Background Component NOW available in the Component Marketplace!

Hey Everyone!

The component you’ve been waiting for! It’s finally here. The dynamic background component makes your UX experience for your users go to a whole NEW level!

GRAB it now for $20!

Here’s a video of it working:


What does it do? And what if I use an image property as background?

You can dynamically change the background to an image or color with my component.

If you use a regular image component from Adalo it won’t resize correctly.

The component looks nice. How long did it take you to make the component?

Thanks! It took 1 week to make and another week to fix bugs.


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The demo works now. To see the component demo, go to the Adalo editor and then go the marketplace and search “dynamic background” and it will show up. Click on it and then click on demo.