Dynamic Background Plugin

Could someone make a dynamic background image component?

It would be especially impressive if the full screen image was fixed to the top, to give the illusion of every other element floating above it like so (or any other way to get this effect): January 14, 2022 - YouTube

With dynamic backgrounds like this, Adalo users could do some really cool things. For example have a screen that changes background images depending on a true or false user property (or any property), or allow users to change backgrounds themselves (or purchase/unlock them). I think the community could create some really creative uses and interactive designs with such a plugin.

Hi Don,

This would be a pretty easy component. If I successfully make it, I can ask @TKOTC if he wants to add it to the pragmaflow marketplace until I get it into the Adalo marketplace.

Btw, I can’t promise this component. (It will be free)


Of course we would host it. If you need some help building it just reach out.


Thanks @TKOTC!

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That would be amazing!!

This would be such a useful component.
@James_App_Maker Did it get created?

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I ran into some issues. I’ll try to debug them this week. :slight_smile:


Great, and good luck :slight_smile:

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@James_App_Maker Are there any updates on this?

Hi Don,

Not at the moment, sorry. :pensive:

@Dons 🎉 It's HERE! Dynamic Background Component NOW available in the Component Marketplace!