Dynamic lesson app issues / Custom screens for list items

Hello there Adalo community, I’ve been playing with Adalo for a bit now and time to start doing my project seriously.

I have a lesson type app, in which the user has to complete one lesson a day.

Currently, I have 7 lessons, all of them are sort of different - one has some input fields for the user to write down some thoughts for future revisiting purpose, others don’t, one has a checklist type section, ones that lead to 3 different screens, etc… What I’m trying to get at, is that all lessons are different and currently I do not know how to achieve a dynamic solution with a database.

What could work is that I just create a bunch of screens and lead the user like a funnel through these screens (0 dynamic functionality).

How could I achieve this type of app? Is it possible to do a 0 dynamic functionality app? How would this be possible with a database collection WITH dynamic functionality?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I would even consider hiring someone to explain this.

Thank you.

Hi @mancanza ,

My suggestion is to put all information that you will need to get input from or need to show in the collection and have corresponding boolean fields to indicate if the field is relevant.

With visibility you can show or hide which fields that you need which can give dynamic content.

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Makes sense, thank you @Yongki . And how to limit one lesson per day to a user? So that he can only have access to the next list item the next day.

You would need collection of days linked to lessons and use count to limit that.