How to link individual screens from list


I have created a database for a list. The next step should be is how do I link or add individual screens for every individual item on the list? Is this possible?

Much appreciated for anyone that helps!

See if this helps.

Still confusing, never explains in the video what databases he created and how. Just to link this and that up.

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Hey @xxx, are you trying to display data of each row in that collection on a screen based on what the user selects?

Eg. user sees a list of products, when the user clicks on a specific product, they’re sent to a product page and the data is for that product?

If yes, there should be a screen for the product catalogue as a custom list. Set the action to link to another screen, call it product details.

On the product details screen, place elements such as text, image, etc. relevant to your products. Use the magic text/image function, select “Current Product” > “Current Product Name” and so on.

But yes, if the YouTube video is confusing for you, I suggest going through the documentation and the tutorial videos to understand a bit more. Those are the backbone of building with Adalo


Vance is correct.

This is a common misconception when building dynamic apps rather than static. You do not link to 100 different screens for each record in a database but you link to a single screen that is able to display those 100 records dynamically depending on the data.

Thank you for your help, It is working out!

Thank you for your help as well! How do I make a single screen that adapts dynamically to all the list items? Or do I have to make a complete database for that?

You will need to make a database for that yes

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