Building a Quiz App - Database + Conditions Problem

Hi guys,

I am new in the adalo game and I like what I have seen so far.

But I’m currently stuck with a problem where I can’t get any further.

I have the following collections in the database:


Each game has several quizzes, each quiz has a specific game.

A quiz has 10 tasks, which have to be solved sequentially. The user earns points for each correct answer

Each task is divided into four pages:

  1. intro page (short description)
  2. quiz page
  3. hint page (popup)
  4. solution page (right or wrong)

This process repeats until all 10 tasks are solved and the quiz is completed.

I just can’t figure out the best way to build the database or create condition so that after each 1-4 the next record is inserted.

Currently I am doing it with a custom list. I remove all areas and put a button in it. in the settings I sort from 1 to X and hide everything except the first entry.

This way, the entry for the first task is transferred to the next page as soon as the user clicks on the button. I can easily replace the areas via magic text. However, it becomes problematic when a task is completed and the user returns to the intro page to solve the next task.

Do you have any ideas on how I can implement this with adalo in the easiest way? Can I only access the data via lists or is there another way? If so, how do I access entries 2, 3, …?

Hi @adalo007 ,

Welcome to the forum too.

Your description is long enough, but no screenshoots on your screens, especially filter for that list.

And, we need to see the relationships between those collections.

Then, the questions would be very much specific and not vague.

For list, it is a way to access the collection and can be nested and can be transfered to another screen, but how you make relationship can affect too. So it is not like flipping switch and every light bulb is on, we need to rewire first and with sequence to make it work.

Well, I think last sentences you already know, so expect the learning curve, even though you are using the easiest tool, compared to other tools with similar function. :grinning:

Hi @Yongki ,

thanks for your quick reply. you are right with screenshots i can possibly make it clearer. :slight_smile:

The user first sees a simple list with several quizzes. He clicks on one of the quizzes and is redirected to the next page:

When the user clicks on the button, the custom list also forwards the data sets “clues”:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-04 um 08.40.15

The user clicks from page to page to solve the first quiz:

Intro Page → Quiz Page → Hint Page (PopUp) → Solution Page

The second quiz starts and the progress from the first quiz is added.

I have structured the collections in the database like this:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-04 um 08.35.31

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-04 um 08.35.51

I hope that it is now a bit more clear.

i appreciate any help that will help me with this problem.


Hi @adalo007 ,

I need more time to digest this.

As I am on final testing of the template.

Hi @adalo007 ,

Take a look at this cloneable app

This can start more discussion.

So if you can DIY, which is good, but if you need me as second builder to build this, more attention can be given.

Hello ! I just copied your application and check your database. You got a design problem here.

When you use a database you need to think about it like a list of items. You shouldn’t create “task1” “task2” “task3” items inside you table.
You need to create only one “task” item and a number item. You can put your value inside task and the number inside the number item.

Think about it like an Excel. You define rows title and when you create a new item you will add a row.

Exemple :

I don’t know what is the utility of “Tasks” in your project, but this is how you should do you database :

Because the “number” you put behind all fields inside your database should be a data, not a field.

You have too much page too, for the same reason. Data should change, you do not need to have 1 page for each question.

Thank you for the review, please continue to be working cloneable app with your concept, dont stop in halfway, we would like to learn it more. :grinning: